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FNQ Championship

The FNQ Women's Championship is an annual 36 hole Stroke play open event played at a nominated course within the district.  The best Gross is the overall event winner and boasts the title of FNQ Women's Champion. The event is an Open event, and welcomes all women with a GA handicap.

The event caters for all divisions, with recognition of all Champions across all 3 grades, A, B & C grade.

Past Winners

2014 Tracey Benham

2013 Gennai Goodwin (Open)  Pam McGowan (Closed)

2012 Gennai Goodwin (Open)  Marion Wright (Closed)

2011 Z. Field (Open)  Gennai Goodwin (Closed)

2010 Sarah Kirsch

2009 Sarah Kirsch

2008 Courtney Massey (Open)  Gennai Goodwin (Closed)

2007 Marion Wright

2006 D. Gilbert (Open)  Tanya Maynard (Closed)

2005 Tanya Maynard

2004 Tanya Maynard

2003 Kay Cleland

2002 Mrs R. Sperling

2001 Nicole Bruce

2000 Mrs V. Irwin (Open)  Mrs K. Nash (Closed)

1999 Miss V. Peut

1998 Nicole Bruce

1997 Nicole Bruce

1996 Mrs W. O'Connell

1995 Mrs W. O'Connell

1994 Mrs J. McLean

1993 Miss P. Burley

1992 Miss V. Peut

1991 Miss P. Burley

1990 Mrs C. Cowie (Open)  Miss V. Montague (Closed)

1989 Miss P. Burley

1988 Miss V. Montague

1987 Miss V. Montague

1986 Miss P. Burley

1985 Mrs Kay Cleland

1984 Mrs Kay Cleland

1983 Miss P. Burley

1982 Mrs J. Cavanagh

1981 Mrs J. Byrne (Open)  Mrs Kay Cleland (Closed)

1980 Mrs J. Hall

1979 Mrs A. Kenny

1978 Miss P. Burley

1977 Mrs M. Gallo

1976 Mrs M. Gallo

1975 Miss M. Marin

1974 Miss M. Marin

1973 Miss J. Byrne

1972 Miss J. Byrne

1971 Mrs H. Hensley

1970 Mrs H. Hensley

1969 Miss D. Plowman

1968 Mrs N. Harris

1967 Miss B. Gardner (Open)  Mrs R. Ray (Closed)

1966 Mrs R. Ray (Open)  Miss D. Plowman (Closed)

1965 Miss D. Plowman (Open)  Mrs G. Faithfull (Closed)

1964 Miss D Plowman

1963 Mrs R. Ray

1962 Miss V Pasley (Open)  Miss D. Plowman (Closed)

1961 Mrs R. Ray

1960 Mrs R. Ray

1959 Miss D. Plowman

1958 Miss M. Baskett

1957 Mrs F. Anderson

1956 Miss M. Baskett

1955 Mrs R. Ray

1954 Mrs B. Augustesen

1953 Mrs J. Cook

1952 Mrs N. Harris

1951 Mrs N. Harris

1950 Mrs N. Harris

1949 Mrs N. Harris

1948 Mrs J. O'Reilly

1947 Mrs E. Boden

1946 No Competition

1945 No Competition

1944 No Competition

1943 No Competition

1942 No Competition

1941 No Competition

1940 Mrs J. O'Reilly

1939 Mrs N. Harris

1938 Miss V. Dunne

1937 Miss N. Mayers

1936 Miss T. Gillman

1935 Mrs G. Ledlie

1934 Mrs F. Knight

1933 Mrs F. Knight

1932 Miss I. Newman

1931 Miss I. Newman

1930 Miss I. Newman

1929 Miss I. Newman

1928 Mrs F. Robinson

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